LeMans 2011 Start

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a part of a World Championship team?

Ever wondered what hanging out with the riders and mechanics in the pit boxes would be like?

Do you want to feel the adrenalin pump through your veins at the start of a race?

Or are you looking for that advertising investment that stands out from the rest in it’s own right?

Then this is what you’ve been looking for.

Motorcycle racing is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. As more and more people turn to motorcycles as a cheaper form of transport due to the increasing price of fuel, motorcycle sport has received more and more attention from the public and the media.

With this growth now in full affect, there has never been a better time to become involved.

Damian Cudlin is one of Australia’s best International racing exports. An Endurance World Championship expert, an IDM Champion, a Moto2 and now MotoGP starter, Damian has taken on some of the best riders in the world… and won.

Becoming a Sponsor or Personal Supporter is easier than you think, and there are a number of options available to suit almost anyones budget. With Damian’s new “Convict Club” aimed at smaller pledges of support, anyone can get involved in this fun and exciting form of motorsport.

Damian says “I have been fortunate to have had fantastic support from companies like Thevent, RAC and Shark Helmets this year, who, without their backing, it would be impossible to do what I do.”

“On top of this, people like Robin from PoppingSport who helps with my training, and the guys from DAMEN Leathers who support me; they all make a big difference to my racing and have all been so important in keeping my dream alive. More important than they know.”

“This year I want to take it to the rest of them, and fight for the World Endurance and IDM Titles, but I need your help.”

If you love motorsport, if you’ve ever thought of being involved, or if you want to be part of Damian’s dream, please contact him here to find out more.


 Cudlin (right) celebrates with Gimbert and Nigon on the podium at the Bold’or 24hour.

Sponsor Thomas Tanzer from ‘Die Buntmacherei’ Tattoo Studio

Damo with long term supporters Stefan and Sabina from Shark

Joining Damian Cudlin’s Convict Club is great way to support the Aussie racer