Cudlin facing an extensive recovery

Cudlin Injured

Damian Cudlin’s season campaign suffered a major set back this week with the full extent of his shoulder injuries recently discovered.

After crashing in the 5th round of the IDM Superbike Championship in Hungary two weeks ago, Cudlin was transported to a hospital in Budapest where he was diagnosed with a rotator cuff injury to the shoulder.

Electing to fly home to Australia for thorough assessment and treatment, Cudlin was later diagnosed with multiple tears- to the Subscapularis and Anterosuperior Labrum of his left shoulder.

While surgery was advised in Budapest, and may still be a requirement in the future, Cudlin has chosen to take the advice of experienced Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr Liaw, and rather take an extensive recovery and physiotherapy period in a bid to rejoin the IDM series in September.

“It’s really disappointing to be forced onto the sidelines, especially with two of my favorite races coming up- Schleiz and Assen- but I’ve chosen to give physiotherapy a chance so I can return for the season finale in Hockenheim. If I have surgery they tell me it can take anywhere from 3-6 months to recover. Obviously I’d rather avoid that if I can.” Cudlin explained.

Cudlin will return to Dr Liaw in 6 weeks to reassess his condition.

“I had such high hopes for this season but we’ve just been really unlucky. I’m gutted with this injury.” Cudlin bemoaned. “Now I’ll focus on my recovery so I can return to Europe as quickly as possible and finish the season on a high for my team, my sponsors and supporters.”

Cudlin crash Hungary


Pic credit: Helmut Ohner (top)

Felix Weissman (bottom)

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on “Cudlin facing an extensive recovery
One Comment on “Cudlin facing an extensive recovery

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